Replenishing and Rejuvenating ingredients make EYES, FACE, NECK and LIPS by ToGoSpa® gel masks an all-around anti-aging, moisturizing at home spa EXPERIENCE.

EYES, FACE, NECK and LIPS by ToGoSpa® are innovative, collagen-infused under-eye, full face, neck and lip mask treatments – and the newest “must do” for anyone in need of a quick, portable, spa-like pick-me-up for their tired, puffy, overworked or over-stressed eyes and skin.

Activated by the body’s temperature, the nutrients stored in each flexible EYES, FACE, NECK and LIPS by ToGoSpa® gel pads work together to aide stressed, tired and aging eyes and skin. Each silky application is infused with a combination of natural high-density marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids, natural marine minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins.

Unlike other bandage-like under-eye treatments, the sensuous, feather-light gel texture of EYES, FACE, NECK and LIPS by ToGoSpa® is a cooling and refreshing experience. With just one application, you will see improved elasticity, texture, complexion and overall appearance of the skin.

The curved shape of each EYES by ToGoSpa® mask is designed to fit snuggly just below the eye without obstructing vision or intruding on the eyes. Once in place, simply relax and breathe in the subtle aroma.


What do EYES and FACE by ToGoSpa™ do?

  • Relaxes, calms, and pumps up hydration levels to new heights.
  • De-puffs and reduces the appearance of dark circles.
  • Relieves irritation and redness.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores.

What about Parabens and Dyes?

No Parabens, No Dyes, No Crap!

Tips for using EYES or FACE:

  • For best results, take them out of the package and put them on your face!
  • For an especially refreshing sensation, chill EYES in the refrigerator before applying… NOT Freezer! Especially effective in combating puffy eyes, dark circles, bags and general fatigue.. and it feels pretty amazing too.
  • Use EYES or FACE as a pre-photo perk for the perfect picture.
  • Use EYES or FACE as the perfect “Morning After Mask” to diminish dark circles and puffiness and restore a vibrant look after a night on the town.
  • Use EYES while traveling. Use them in-flight to relax during the trip, or as a refresher before landing. We’re the perfect on-the-go spa treatment that you can easily carry in a purse, pocket, briefcase, gym bag or suitcase.
  • EYES are best enjoyed when applied for 15-20 minutes anytime, anywhere! FACE is best when you have 30-45 to truly enjoy an at home spa experience, preferably in your jammies!
  • For a DOUBLE DUTY effect flip EYES across your brow line and combat forehead frown lines too!
  • Waxing?? TAKE US WITH YOU- post waxing redness and irritation are no match for our cooling gel pads… and we mean everywhere ladies!


Which formula of EYES is best for me?

Refreshing Ice Water  Original base formula of Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and vitamins C & E for cool soothing relief and natural hydration. This is the formula that prompted the tag: Perfect For Anyone With a Face. It’s clean and pure, and works for anybody anytime.

Rejuvenating Green Tea  with added Green Tea flavonoids offers extra puff busting potential and detoxifying properties that stimulate circulation and reduces dark circles under the eye.

Replenishing Coconut  with added Extracts of Coconut to deliver maximum moisture and nourishment to minimize fine lines and crow’s feet. If you’re already “puffy” you might be more puffy for a short period of time following use of this formula, because it’s delivering extra moisturizing properties that are best to nourish and feed the dry crow’s feet around the eyes.

I’m addicted to EYES and FACE, what’s my best option?

Join The ToGoSpa Society and get EYES and FACE delivered every month at a discounted price, free shipping and get a free bonus “Benefit” beauty product each month too! Click HERE for details.

Where can I buy EYES, FACE, NECK and LIPS?

All ToGoSpa products can be purchased online or you can view a store directory to see where our EYES, FACE, NECK and LIPS are sold. 


ToGoSpa offers wholesale opportunities for businesses interested in reselling. See our Wholesale Page for more info and to order online.