Trust Box Subscription :: Large

Trust Box Subscription :: Large

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Because Life is Better With Surprises!

The ToGoSpa Trust Box allows you to receive a monthly supply of ToGoSpa products that we've selected just for you. Some months it might only be ToGoSpa products. Other months, we'll include something special from another brand that we think is cool. This could be skin/hair care, spa essentials, or just something we discover along the way that we think you'll like. 

ToGoSpa Trust Box FAQ's

Can I customize it?

Nope. We call it the Trust Box because there's no customization of this box whatsoever. You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.  If you need to know exactly what you're getting each month, this is not for you. You'll want to order your items On Repeat. BUT if you like to play around with our products, sampling a little of this and a little of that, and if you've enjoyed our Society Benefits in the past, then The ToGoSpa Trust Box is perfect for you. 

What will be in the ToGoSpa Trust Box? 

We don't exactly know. Many months it will be only ToGoSpa products, but we're really excited about keeping the option open to share other cool products with you as well. So here's some examples of what your Trust Box might look like. 
Small - $30 (plus $7.95 shipping) and receive at least $50 worth of products. 

  • 4 packs of ToGoSpa Eyes ($60 value)
  • 1 pack of ToGoSpa Eyes, 1 ToGoSpa Face and 1 pack of ToGoSpa Lips ($65 value)
  • 1 pack of ToGoSpa Face and 1 pack of ToGoSpa Neck ($60 value)
  • A gift from another brand, and a pack of ToGoSpa Eyes & Lips (at least a $60 value)

Large - $60 (Free Shipping) and receive at least $100 worth of products.

  • 2 packs of ToGoSpa Eyes, 1 pack of ToGoSpa Face, Lips & Neck, and a ToGoSpa Lip Balm ($115 value)
  • The Fix, The Spritz, ToGoSpa Neck and 2 ToGoSpa Eyes ($130 value)
  • A gift from another brand, a pack of ToGoSpa Face and 3 packs of Eyes (at least a $100 value)

See? We'll make sure you get your money's worth each month, but you won't know what you're getting until it arrives.

When will my first box ship?

Sign up today and your box will ship the next business day.

When will my box renew?

One month from the day you sign up, your order will renew and another ToGoSpa Trust Box will ship, UNLESS you cancel BEFORE.

What's the difference between the On Repeat and the Trust Box? 

The On Repeat option is available on all ToGoSpa products. Simply select the on repeat option before you add your products to the cart, and you'll have complete control over which products you receive each month. If you're an Ice Water Purist (yes, that's a thing) then you only receive Ice Water. The repeat program offers a 15% savings off regular price, and your products show up each month exactly how you want them.  
If you're more of a dabbler and like to try different things, and even enjoy a surprise now & then, the ToGoSpa Trust Box is going to tickle your fancy. We love keeping the door open to introducing you to new products! The ToGoSpa Trust Box is based on "value" which also offers substantial savings. 

What if I don't like what's in my ToGoSpa Trust Box for that month? 

Give it to a friend, and hope for something better next month? Please let us know so we can consider your input for future boxes, but if you hate Coconut (no, that's not a real thing), we recommend that you don't sign up for the Trust Box. Go with the Repeat subscription instead, where you have complete control over what you do or don't get. 

So do you Trust Us?

Only you can decide. We think the ToGoSpa Trust Box is going to be fun. Please remember, you are welcome to cancel, or put your subscription on hold at any time. 

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