Hotel Amenities

Turndown ServiceGroup AmenityVIP Guests Soothing under eye masks make a unique addition to your hotel amenities.

Why consider ToGoSpa for amenities?

  • Masks are on trend
  • Skincare sales were up 18% last year
  • It is a unique and memorable amenity
  • Low cost luxury offering

Why will your guests enjoy them?

  • Clean ingredients
  • Soothing collagen gel eyes for tired travelers
  • De-puff and anti-aging results
  • They feel great!

Special Hilton Pricing
Email: [email protected]

Buffering ...
GET COMFY! It’s time to release angst from the inside out.
  • Remove mask(s) from package and apply to dry, clean skin.
  • Push play. Breathe deeply and feel the tension leaving the body.
  • Leave mask(s) on for 15 - 20 minutes or longer.
  • Remove the mask(s) and massage remaining serum into the skin.
  • Discard used mask.
  • Look Good, Feel Great!

The sound meditation was created by Taran Ailey, a multi passionate musician and sound healer. She has dedicated over a decade to studying all things fine arts and healing arts.

She believes deeply in the healing power of vibration and frequency. She believes that sound was the medicine of the past and will be the medicine of the future.